My 1st blog

Hey Everyone!  I’m very new to the blogging world.  I’m usually a very private person.  I am a counselor and talk to people face to face most of the day.  But I realized that I have so much to share that others who may not want to go to counseling could learn from my blog.  I currently work at a university with college students.  One issue that always comes up is relationships.  Relationships seem to be the center of my student’s lives outside of classes.  I hear about students who are lonely because they aren’t in a relationship, students who are in the middle of a break up and students that are exploring their sexuality in several different “relationships”.  I thought I could share some insights, suggestions, and different views with a broader audience since I have learned so much from talking to others for years.  I love this topic and I hope it will be interesting to you as well.  Thanks for taking a look!

I would love to hear what you think about this post or about my blog in general. Also, feel free to leave any suggestions or ideas for new posts in the future! Thanks!

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