Where’s the condom?  I didn’t bring any condoms.  Are you sure you don’t have any condoms?  Then you may say…Well I’m clean.   I don’t have any STD’s.  Do you have any STD’s?  Your mind is telling you that this person “looks” clean.  Great!  You don’t even need condoms!!

This might have happened to you before.  Either you can’t drive because you’ve been drinking, you are too lazy, or you are too in the moment to worry about getting condoms.  Or ( I hope this isn’t you) you never worry about condoms because you think you are invincible.  You may think it won’t hurt this one time to have unprotected sex.

Let me tell you, it only takes one time to get an STD.  Or to get pregnant.  Many people think since they are using other types of birth control they can skip the condoms.  You can’t skip the condoms if you are at risk to get an STD.  One out of four people contract a STD in their lifetime.  Some of these can’t be treated.

Also, know that oral sex isn’t safe sex!!  You can contract HIV, HPV, Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and viral Hepatitis from oral sex.  The risks are slightly lower than having regular sex, but there is still a risk.  Many people don’t think to ask someone to put a condom on before having oral sex.  What do you use when giving oral sex to female partner?  In a pinch, use saran wrap before performing oral sex on a female.  Yes, you heard me right, saran wrap is better than nothing.  You can also cut open a condom and use that as a barrier.  Or you can buy a what is called a latex dental dam to use during oral sex on a female partner.

Following the guidelines below will reduce your risk dramatically of getting an STD:

-Get tested before entering a new sexual relationship.

-Make sure your partner has been tested before having sex with them.

-Get re-tested six months after the last person you had sex with and have a clean report.  (Some STD’s take a few weeks or months to show up in your system)

-Make sure your partner has been tested six months after the last person they had sex with and has a clean report.

-You and your partner are not having sex with anyone else during the same time period, this includes having oral sex.

-You or your partner have never had sex with anyone else before, this includes oral sex.

-You or your partner don’t inject illegal drugs.

Remember abstinence is the only way to guarantee that you won’t get an STD.  People do lie and cheat.   You only know for sure about yourself.  So take care of yourself , be careful, and don’t forget the condoms!!!  Have a safe spring break!!!

One comment on “Condoms?!?

  1. I didn’t know that oral sex was risky. I thought it was the safest. I was planning oral with a woman. Now I’ll use you wrap technique. That condom cutting technique sounds great. Thanks for the tip.

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