Surviving a Break Up

Break ups suck.  It feels like time is in slow motion when you are in pain.  Here are some ways to muddle through this crappy part of your life called a break up.  Some of these suggestions are realistic, and some are humorous…use at your own discretion.

1. Good friends to hold you down so you don’t get in your car and drive by your ex’s apartment or house.

2. Good break up music.  Sad songs to cry to, angry songs to help you feel justified, dance songs to distract you.

3. Good comfort food.  Chocolate because calories don’t count when you’re sad.  Ice cream because it is soothing.  Cake because you can.  Chips because the crunch will help you with the anger.  Pizza because you can eat it with friends.

4. A block on your cell phone to keep you from sending those embarrassing texts and voice mails that you want to take back 30 seconds after you send them.

5.  A hot guy or girl to smile at you while walking to class to remind you that you are still beautiful.

6.  Industrial strength Kleenex for your nose and eye drops for your eyes and someone to hug to get through those moments when all you want to do is sob.

7. A movie marathon with friends to escape your reality for a few hours.  Or a great book to escape on your own.

8. A time machine to fast forward to the time when you don’t care so much about losing this person.

9. A soft pillow and warm blanket to curl up with for a nap.

10. A trip to the mall to buy yourself something great to reward yourself for surviving another day.

11. A couple days off of work or an extra shift.  Whatever you need to get you through.

12. A bonfire to destroy all those pictures and letters you may have collected over time.  A delete button to get rid of the rest.

13. A memory eraser to delete images burned into your brain that seem to haunt you while you are trying to get to sleep or study or do anything.

14. A good friend or family member to vent to who will listen as long as you need them to.

15. A trip to Hawaii to lay on the beach, get a great tan, and pretend all is well with the world.

Break ups are the worst.  With or without the time machine, this time will pass and believe it or not, you will feel better someday.  Until then cope the best way you can.  Avoid doing things that are destructive to your body or mind.  Use the suggestions above or come up with your own good ways to deal with this sucky situation.

I would love to hear what you think about this post or about my blog in general. Also, feel free to leave any suggestions or ideas for new posts in the future! Thanks!

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