Resolutions for 2012

Here are the resolutions I wish college students would make this year if I had a magic wand to make it happen:

1.  USE PROTECTION!  ALWAYS use protection when having sex.  Even oral sex!!  Reduce your risk of contracting an STI this year by being smart and safe!!

2.  GET TESTED!  This is another resolution that I think is a priority.  Know what you have so you can treat it, deal with it and keep others from getting infected.  If you are clean, don’t push your luck and continue to use protection EVERY TIME!

3.  BE LOYAL!  This seems to be a lost virtue in this day and age.  If you choose to be in a committed relationship, don’t cheat on your partner.  Do the right thing.  Break it off and be single if you want to mess around.

4.  BE CONFIDENT!  Believe in yourself.  Stop comparing yourself to others and instead focus on the things that are great about you already!  Take time this year to build up your self-esteem.

5.  TIME MANAGEMENT!  Learn how to prioritize your time.  In college you can have plenty of time for friends and fun, but don’t forget that college is expensive.  Losing your scholarships because you went to one too many parties is not a smart idea.  Put the time in to study.

6.  AVOID DRAMA!  If it isn’t your business, try to stay out of it.  Don’t put yourself in the middle of other people’s conflicts, even if you are trying to help.  It usually makes things worse, not better.  In your own relationships, learn to communicate openly to avoid drama.

7.  SELF CARE!  Are you always taking care of other people?  Try to focus on doing something nice for yourself.  Make sure you’re making time to exercise, eat and sleep.  Doing these things will reduce a lot of stress in your life.  Also, learn to ask for help when you need it!  You don’t have to take on everything by yourself!

8.  MAKE A NEW FRIEND!  Venture out and meet new people.  Don’t limit yourself to a small group of friends.  Be open to making new friends this year.  Go to lunch with someone outside your social circle a few times and see what happens.

9.  BE INDEPENDENT!  On the other hand, don’t become so dependent on your friends or significant other.  Try to go out and do some things on your own.  Even if you aren’t single, it can be good to know how to do things by yourself every once in awhile.

10.  STOP SMOKING WEED!  Okay, I know you may be laughing, however this is my wish list right?  I think it is smart to have balance in your life, and that isn’t possible when you’re smoking all the time.  Have fun, but know your limits.  Too much smoking and drinking can cause a lot of problems in college, not to mention all that money you’re wasting.  For those of you who don’t smoke weed, I hope you will continue that trend in 2012!

Life is all about choices, and I hope you’ll make good ones that will help you become smarter and stronger this year!


4 comments on “Resolutions for 2012

  1. I can’t say I’m going to do anything more than be more enveloping about the adventures I tackle…living in the caribbean affords bikinis…rum….fun…all mixed with the element of life…water…

    I love life..but this next year? i’ve got a bit of retribution I’m going to underscore by the fun I have this upcoming year…as a male, I can afford the luxury… I’m going to take it in handfuls…

    your pirate…


    • I’m very jealous of you living in the Caribbean right now! Thanks so much for your comment. Have fun in the New Year, but be safe!!!

  2. Happy New Year! I think I can relate to your wish list in regards to many of my friends, or friends of friends! If only you’re magic wand could make these things actually come true!

    Ciao! xoxo

    • Don’t I know it!! I really do wish I had a magic wand. It would make my life and the lives of a lot of people a lot easier!! Have a great 2012!!

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