Back Up Your Birth Control- Grandma Video

I know I already sent out my New Year’s Resolutions last week and this was #1, but I saw this video in another blog by Smart, Safe and Sexy, and it was too funny to pass up!  Plus, it “back’s up” my point to always use birth control!

If you can accidentally text your Grandma on New Year’s Eve, what else can go wrong?  Condoms break.  Pills are forgotten, especially on holidays.  Remember to Back Up Your Birth Control!

If you have a birth control oops, emergency contraception can help.  That text to grandma?  I can’t do anything about that.  Stay safe in 2012!

2 comments on “Back Up Your Birth Control- Grandma Video

  1. On the Granny video it looks like 70 is the new 50, how cool are these ladies.
    Some people like Rose in the Golden Girls don’t seem to age, I mean she’s 90 at the moment and still smiling and strong and people get attracted to seniors who are young at heart. My mom is 81 and even though she has a Tracfone SVC with big buttons and letters on the screen, a hearing aid, and wears sneakers with her dresses she’s still fun to be with because she’s easy going and loving and has a good sense of humor. Seniors need to be around the younger generation and they have an important role to play in being role models and giving wise advice to the youngsters.

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